The Signup System Features

  • The Sign Up Sheet - Shows a list of all members of the group with a check-box next to their name. At the top is the play date and a brief description. If the member wants to play for the date shown, they simply check the box next to their name. If they change their mind, they can uncheck the box as long as the final pairings have not been sent out. At the bottom a Limit for how many players can sign up is shown. The limit is simply the number of tee times for that day times 4.

  • The Pairings - The system prepares the Pairings by forming groups of 2, 3 or 4 players. The smaller groups are always listed first. 9 players will be grouped into 3 threesomes, 8 players will become 2 groups of 4, 11 players will be one threesome and 2 foursomes... etc. The initial pairings are formed using random number choices.

    As the play date approaches, the group manager can adjust the final pairings to form A,B,C,D teams, handicap balanced groups, or groups that avoid repeat double or triple plays. When the manager completes the final pairings he or she locks the pairings so that no more players can check in or out.

    Upon completion of the Final Pairings, the group manager then clicks the button to email the pairings to all the players that are included. The email screen has a provision for entering a description of the game for the day, or any special instructions that the players will need.

  • Pairings History - All Final Pairings are retained in the system database. They can be recalled at any time by specifying a past date of play. This is a valuable tool for remembering who played in past rounds.

  • The Tee Times - The system has a perpetual calendar included to show tee times for the current period and a future period. The group manager or an assistant fills these times in as they are granted by the golf course they will be playing. The tee times screen always shows the maximum number of tee times is alloted. The manager can fill them all in with actual tee times, or block them off when not all the members will be playing. The brief description of the round is entered here on the tee sheet screen.

  • Future Tee Times - Many golf clubs issue advanced tee times to their members. The Sign Up System accomodates this by showing the tee times for one period in the future. i.e. If you play once a week, the tee times for this week and next week can be entered into the system.

  • Security - Not everyone can adjust the final pairings, or enter tee times. The group manager or captain is assigned an ID and Password for the administration of the system. The website is designed to be private, so that it will never be listed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. No one can view the website without having the website address. If needed, the entire website can be password protected.

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