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An online sign up sheet to help you manage your golf group.
  • Manage Your Golf Group
  • Stop Phone Tag and Email Tag
  • Players signup online
  • Includes Pairings
  • Sends Pairings email
  • Build Member Profiles
  • Track Winnings
  • Golf Game Library
  • Handicap Updates
  • Multilple Courses
  • Great for golf groups up to 100
  • $1 per year per player
    You don't have to call or email each member to find out if they are playing this week. The members go on-line and check themselves in or out. Put in your tee times for each round, and enter the members names and you are ready to start using it. It is a simple and effective way to manage your golf group. It can accommodate large or small groups. No programming or technical skills are needed. Perfect for small golf groups (up to 100) that play on a regular basis.

    Before your group plays, you will set up the pairings, lock the signup sheet, and send out the pairings email. Handicaps can be updated from Ghin (or whoever is the provider) before the final pairings are determined. A description of the game will be included with the pairings email. The email shows who is playing in each group, along with their tee time, and the course being played.

    The admin person, usually the group leader, can add and delete members from the roster, and set their status as "active" or "inactive". Tee times are entered in advance, once they are issued by the Pro Shop. Game results can be uploaded after the match. A library of golf games can be created and stored in the App along with any local rules and regulations. The software comes with an instructions handbook, but most users do not need it. The website is not visible to search engines for security purposes. All members must login with an ID and Password.

    This is a typical sign up sheet for a Mon, Wed, Fri group
    Sign Up Sheet
  • $1/Member/Year


    • Sign up sheet for 20 members
    • Handicap Update Module
    • Pairings Module - with auto email
    • Pairings History
    • Lock and Unlock Signup Sheet
    • Guest Play
    • Member Profiles and Member Roster
    • Golf Game Rules
    • Game Results
    • Group Documents and Regulations
    • eBlast Module
    • Secure Admin Module
    • No Advertising

    Free Trial
    $1 per Member per Year - First 30 days FREE

    • Sign up sheet for 20 members, one day per week
    • Each additional day per week is $20 for each block of 20    
    • Pairings with adjustments, and auto email to members
    • Tee Time management
    • Secure administration module
    • $1 per Member Payment covers the entire year
    • Cancel after 30 days with No Obligation
    • Does not automatically renew

    Perfect for small golf groups (up to 100) that play on a regular basis.

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